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Dana Stewart & The Old Howards

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  About The Old Howards
  When you hear the raw driving sound of The Old Howards authentic style of rockabilly, consider yourself brought back in time to about 1958.  This Boston, Massachusetts rockabilly racket has been able to capture a frantic, raw rockabilly sound full of energy and rippin' guitar solos described best by being a cross between Billy Lee Riley & His Little Green Men and "Mr. Frantic" himself, Ronnie Self.  Remaining true to the era, The Old Howards seldemly rehearse and perform most shows on just pure energy and talent.
  Although being a new band, The Old Howards members are no strangers to the New Engalnd rockabilly scene. The Old Howards are fronted by singer/drummer, Dana Stewart formerly of Boston's infomous rockabilly racket, The Racketeers, and along side him on stand-up bass is Matt Murphy of Boston's The Raging Teens, Johnny Carlevale of Providence's The Young Ones strums rhythm guitar, and all the way from Boulder Colorodo, guitar phenom, Jeff Herring of the newly formed Two Timin' Three.

"The Old Howards sound is refreshing and very authentic!  What a great sounding band" - Sean Mencher - ex High Noon guitarist
"The song "Button Your Lip" is a great rockabilly song" - Sean Mencher - ex High Noon guitarist
"The Old Howards attempt to take a very traditional blend of fired-up rock n' roll into their own unique direction.  So far, they've been up to the task" - Bob Gulla - columnist for the Providence Phoenix

"Wanna know who really were breath taking? Dana Stewart & the Old Howards.  
   This was a loud rockabilly racket done well. Dana Stewart’s punchy drumming and lead vocals made us all shout along. Guitarist Jeff Herring’s approach to soloing really harkened to the classic solos of old, the kind that make you wince once they’ve reached their peak. It was a cross between the variety of Wayne Hancock and energy of Chuck Berry.  This is a band that needs to be seen live, they’ll make you pull your hair out and blow your lungs. Watch your livers"! - Basim - Columnist for

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